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Cycling Advocate Image Credit: The Sindhian
Cycling Advocate Image Credit: The Sindhian

Cycling Advocate

Founder of Cycling Cities, Nikita Lalwani Speaks to Tina Thakrar About the Nuances of Running India’s Fastest Growing Online and Offline Cycling Community

Tina Thakrar

Ever heard the phrase ‘realigning the wheel’? Well, Nikita Lalwani definitely has, and she’s not just realigning one wheel, but two. An instrumentation engineer by profession, Nikita is the founder of Cycling Cities, a one-of-akind ecosystem with a multifold vision – to make cycling a sustainable commute option, to make Indian cities cycling friendly, to encourage people to adopt cycling as part of their lifestyle, and to bring cycling enthusiasts together at regular events centered on health, heritage and adventure.

To propagate an activity takes more dedication than it does to initiate it. Nikita has always been an avid cyclist, from her schooling days in Kota, to the course of an engineering degree at NIT, Surat, and now, her current role at German MNC, Linde Engineering in Vadodara, where she has worked for five years.

Sometime in 2014, owing to road hindrances, Nikita borrowed a colleague’s bicycle and began pedaling to work. At first, it felt uncomfortable but slowly and steadily, she began to reap the benefits. It was an independent, cheaper, easier and faster mode of transportation, it served as a fitness regime (“I could eat whatever I wanted without worrying about working out!”), burned no fuel, and did away with the tedious hunt for a parking spot. Most importantly, it got her creative juices flowing.

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