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The Musical Poetry of Jardn Gabriel Garzn Montano Image Credit: Malibu Arts Journal
The Musical Poetry of Jardn Gabriel Garzn Montano Image Credit: Malibu Arts Journal

The Musical Poetry of Jardín Gabriel Garzón-Montano

He’s a critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has toured internationally. His multicultural roots are evident in his lyrics and song tiles, like Sour Mango and Fruitflies. Signing on with Stones Throw Records, his debut album, Jardín, reflects fresh poeticism, complex musical layers and a unique international style.

Kriss Perras


MAJ: When did you become interested in music and why?

GARZÓN-MONTANO: I became interested in music as a child. My mother was a mezzo soprano. She also played cello, piano, guitar and saxophone. Since I can remember, my sister and I sang with her in the house and went with her to concerts. At the age of three, I made a sloppy attempt to steal a pair of drumsticks from her friend Cecilia, not realizing that the sticks were visibly poking out from the back pocket of my pants. When I was six, I started Suzuki method violin lessons and began singing in the children’s choir of the New York City Opera when I was 10. Rock and roll started when I was 12. My Dad bought me a yellow strat.

MAJ: Who are your influences?

GARZÓN-MONTANO: I grew up all over New York. When I was a kid, we lived mostly in Manhattan and Queens. The culture at home was distinctly not American. We did not have a TV, and pop culture references were scarce. Listening to my mother rehearsing with early music groups, church choirs, the Philip Glass Ensemble or working on her own music was a huge part of my formation. She wrote beautiful tunes, and a lot of my harmonic intuition comes from her tastes in baroque music, French art songs, jazz and Brazilian music. Going to Colombia with my Dad over the years put cumbia and salsa in my ear. I first started consciously listening to

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