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Appraisal Job Career Salary Image Credit: CLEO Singapore
Appraisal Job Career Salary Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

4 Tips To Ask For A Raise

It’s a myth that you have to wait till appraisal season to ask for more money. Here’s how to go about it.

Chia Sihan

If you know exactly what your professional goals are and where you see yourself in your career in the next few years, good for you. Chances are, you’re driven in your role and are actively working towards enhancing the skills required in your chosen field.

However, putting in the effort to produce consistently good work may not necessarily put you on the path to a pay raise or promotion. That’s why it’s important that you open your mouth and ask—but not before doing the following first.


When should you ask for more pay? Claire Smart, Head of Human Resources (South East Asia) at Randstad, says there’s no “best” time to talk about it.

But one thing you can do is keep your eyes and ears peeled and see if your company is doing well or struggling to meet its bottom line. You can do this by attending company town halls and plugging into the grapevine to know whether it’s appropriate to arrange for that talk with your superior.


So you think you’re kicking butt at work. However, there’s a chance you might be mistaken, as research has shown that we usually aren’t the best judges of our own capabilities.

For a more objective picture of your work performance, make a lunch date with a colleague who is likely to offer genuine feedback.

In knowing your limitations, you’ll be able to

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