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Confidence Self Doubt Success Image Credit: CLEO Singapore
Confidence Self Doubt Success Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

Getting A Dose Of Vitamin C(onfidence)

Here’s how to bolster your confidence and banish self-doubt, so you can live your best life.

Claire Soong

If you had more faith in yourself, your life would probably be totally different. You might be earning more because you had the guts to ask for that raise. Or going out with your crush because you weren’t afraid he’d say ‘no’ if you asked him out. And since you’re totally cool with stepping out of your comfort zone, you might be running your own business or living in your dream city a thousand miles from home.

But nobody has limitless self-confidence. The slings and arrows of life, whether in the form of criticism from your boss or rejection by a guy, can hit us hard. On top of this, we have to deal with our inner critic, who’s always quick to tell us we’re not good enough.

It’s perfectly normal to be less-than-confident in some areas of your life. But if self-doubt and a fear of failure are seriously getting in the way of you living your best life, here are some things you can do to boost your self-confidence.


People often make the mistake of setting overambitious goals, and when they fail, they get demoralised and their selfesteem takes a huge hit. To prevent this, break down your big goals into smaller, less scary ones.

So if your aim is to start your own business, you can break it down to “go to a startup networking event” and “draft a list of possible grants you can apply for”. As you achieve these smaller goals, you’ll fe

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