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Work Office Career Job Promotion Image Credit: CLEO Singapore
Work Office Career Job Promotion Image Credit: CLEO Singapore

Want A Promotion? - Then You Need To Level Up These Skills

Having valuable skills is the best way to get ahead in your career. Here are some of the popular ones employers are looking for in 2019.

Gayatri Bhaumik, Aminah Ahmad.

The skills that are the most in-demand today fall into two main categories: digital skills like coding, data analysis and digital marketing; and “soft” skills like critical thinking and cultural awareness. Ashish Raivadera, Head of Private Practice for South East Asia at Major, Lindsey & Africa, says these skills are especially important given the fast-changing landscape, with automation and artificial intelligence taking over more and more jobs. “Professionals will need to continually learn new skills and understand how to apply a variety of commercial scenarios in one working lifetime,” he says.

Here’s how you can hone these skills and beef up your resume.

Digital Marketing

Digital media has changed the world and marketing strategies with it. With more than 20 percent of the world’s population on Facebook, a brand’s online presence has become as important as its products and services, and traditional corporations are forced into the world of digital marketing.

“Increased digitalisation has triggered a demand for candidates with experience in digital marketing and e-commerce,” says Ingrid Liew, a senior consultant at Robert Walters Singapore. “We have seen a sharp rise in recruitment for marketing roles that are digital-focused, as organisations transform their business (from traditional to digital go-to-market models), and look for talent that can help them get there

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