Artificial Intelligence Image Credit: Geopolitics
Artificial Intelligence Image Credit: Geopolitics

AI Out Of The Shadows And Into Warfare

The development of Autonomous Weapons Systems and Artificial Intelligence(AI) assisted planning and management of battlefields need checks and balances so that the human input into any decision on use of lethal force remains paramount, argues

Sanjay Badri Maharaj

The race for technological superiority in warfare, strategising and even planning processes is inexorably drawing in artificial intelligence (AI) as a factor into the equation. It is evident that across many countries, there is renewed emphasis on the development in autonomous weapons system (AWS) that is progressing rapidly, though the deployment of these systems is as yet extremely limited. Some consider the development of AI and its weaponisation to be destabilising as it brings about issues that may question and challenge decision makers.

One view is that that artificial intelligence is leading towards what some have termed a new algorithmic warfare battlefield and one which respects neither boundaries or borders and which may do away with the need for human intervention. Some fear that the linkages of AI in cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS) and the linking of these to weapons system would create a situation where CGS would be able to acquire, engage and eliminate a target without recourse to any form of human intervention. This would, in the more pessimistic view, present an unprecedented challenge for humanity as it effectively outsources warfare to remote and completely unaccountable weapons system which present number of legal and ethical issues. It may be that these concerns are completely overblown but there are legitimate concerns as to how these systems would be integrated and operated and how regular armed forces and decision makers would make use of

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