China Image Credit: Geopolitics
China Image Credit: Geopolitics

China's National Defence In A New Era

Beijing’s latest white paper on defence, which happens to be the first since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012 and the 10th in the series, is an attempt to link Chinese dreams with reality

Vijay Shankar

The Chinese news agency Xinhua announced on July 24, 2019 that “China had issued a white paper to expound on its defensive national defence policy in the new era and explain the practice, purposes and significance of China's efforts to build a fortified national defence and a strong military”. Titled "China's National Defence in the New Era", the paper was released by the State Council Information Office with a view, as the Council suggested, to helping the international community better understand China's national defence. It is the tenth white paper on national defence that the government has issued since 1998 and the first comprehensive one since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012.

At a macro-level, the paper responds to a perceived shift in global strategies as major players retract from a focus on counterterrorism and extremism to an acute slant on competition, rivalry and friction. It flags the fact that China in its bid to revise the global order on its terms is now a contender for regional dominance. Its ascendancy is backed by military forces that are developed to the point where they will be able to challenge any adversary that may attempt to deny its interests. The Document describes Taiwan, Tibet, and Turkistan as separatists that threaten national unity and underscores the dangers of territorial conflicts erupting should there be intervention of any nature on this account. It notes in cava

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