Qinetiq Could Test And Evaluate Integrated Test Ranges In India Image Credit: Geopolitics
Qinetiq Could Test And Evaluate Integrated Test Ranges In India Image Credit: Geopolitics

'Qinetiq Could Test And Evaluate Integrated Test Ranges In India'

SOPHIE LANE, Head of Strategic Engagement (International), Business Development at QinetiQ, tells Geopolitics that there could be an opportunity to work with India in the Science & Technology arena

Please provide an update QinetiQ Group’s acquisition Germany-based airborne training services E.I.S. Aircraft Operations?

We are now in the middle of this acquisition process and we announced this deal to the market a couple of months ago, that we were in discussions with EIS and planning to acquire them. We are looking to complete this acquisition within the next few months.

Please elaborate on QinetiQ and its services for aircraft development (test and evaluation)?

QinetiQ provides all aircraft testing and evaluation services for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). This encompasses everything from running the ranges through to providing some of the facilities – this includes the extreme weather facilities, looking at physiological training -which is the training for the crew in terms of gravity, we look at the threat emulation – so we provide target services into the UK and other countries including India, where we provide the targets for air-to-air and air-to-ground training. We are also providing certification and qualification for the MOD and work on all major air platforms and are involved in the development of most UK land, air and sea platforms.TO

What role will the company have in future European manned and unmanned programmes?

We are looking for a big role in these projects potentially as we already provide test and evaluation services for UK military aircraft plat

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