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A level down for an upgraded experience Image Credit: Cruising Heights
A level down for an upgraded experience Image Credit: Cruising Heights

A Level Down For An Upgraded Experience

The race to innovate the cargo hold of airplanes – remember Qantas CEO Alan Joyce’s Project Sunrise with its bunk beds and gym – has brought to the forefront Florian Barjot, an aeronautical engineer based in Toulouse, the home of Airbus.

It all started in the summer of 2017. Barjot reveals that he got the idea in a quiet place far away from technology and constraints. Since then, research and designs have developed the project to its state today.

The idea Barjot started with was simple: Airline passengers prefer windows because looking outside during a flight is an entertainment that only a plane can provide. To support his idea, the aeronautical design engineer trots out the examples of Boeing and Embraer business jets that have large windows. “Quite naturally, the size of windows are now significant selling arguments in the business jet market,” says Barjot.

With that in mind, Barjot launched EarthBay, a startup company project that promotes an innovative cabin solution for airlines. In his words, the innovation will bring an outstanding flight experience. Simply put, the concept seeks to replace the aircraft cargo door with large window sets reinforced by a metallic frame structure. The windows will bring light to the lower deck and create premium cabin spaces for passengers and additional revenue streams for airlines. So, for an experience that would put all the private suites and ‘Residences’ presently in the air, just take a few steps down. What a transformation for the humble cargo hold: a private suite spanni

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