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ATC Tower Image Credit: Cruising Heights
ATC Tower Image Credit: Cruising Heights

Nation's Tallest, The Most Advanced ATC Tower Is Operational

With air traffic at Delhi Airport growing every passing day, it became imperative to have an upgraded infrastructure for better functioning.

The country’s highest ATC Tower in the National Capital was recently dedicated to the nation by the Union Minister of State (independent charge) for Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri. Standing tall at a height of 102 metres, the tower is also one of the tallest in the world. While addressing the gathering at the dedication ceremony, the Minister expressed his pleasure after seeing the new-age facility. “With a phenomenal growth, the Civil Aviation Sector is driving the economic growth of the country,” he said.

The new complex comprises three buildings: the Aerodrome Control Tower, Area and Approach Control Services Building and the Administrative Block. Constructed at a cost of approximately ₹250 crores and ₹100 crores for equipment, the tower has the most modern Air Navigation Systems and Advanced ATC Automation System that will enhance the safety and capacity of air traffic operations. The new Control Tower provides a panoramic view of the large operational area including the runways, taxiways and parking stands for real time awareness of aircraft movements to Air Traffic Controllers.

The new ATC Tower with its considerable height and slender design might be susceptible not only to the strong winds but chances are that it can also face huge damage in case of an earthquake, as Delhi falls in Seismic Zone 4. Considering the damage that a natural catastrophe can do, the new ATC Tower has an earthquake-resistant technology. Being im

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