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Business Aviation Image Credit: Cruising Heights
Business Aviation Image Credit: Cruising Heights

‘Never Give Up'

Burdened by a host of taxes, business aviation in the country is yet to take off. While everyone agrees that business aviation is one of the main ingredients for the growth of an economy – more so in the case of India – the government is yet to make some policy changes to smoothen the road for the sector. NIDHI SHARMA finds out what the Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA) plan to do to ensure that bizjets take to the skies in a big way.

Nidhi Sharma

"We are in the business of never giving up”. That is how the business aviation community describes non-scheduled operations or business aviation in the country. The Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA) is positive that business aviation has a lot of future because India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, despite the present setback. On a long term, industry watchers and experts remained positive that the outlook for business aviation worldwide as well as in India looked ‘great’, despite the slowdown.

Talking to Cruising Heights, BAOA said that this was precisely the reason why the country participated at all international forums on business aviation, so that India was well represented on a global scale, and “we can put our growth on a fast trajectory and also that what we are doing and can do – is well appreciated”.

All efforts are on to build a strong foundation for business aviation that, incidentally, is much needed. That is why the organisation is all set to present a socio-economic report on business aviation before the government this October – concerning its results and requirements. “We have already given the government some statistics explaining that in the last seven years, business aviation has contributed `100 crore to the economy, which is a very meagre figure, considering what business aviation is capable of. If growth had happened through corrective GST and duty, th

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