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VR Prescription For Faulty Engines Image Credit: Cruising Heights
VR Prescription For Faulty Engines Image Credit: Cruising Heights

VR Prescription For Faulty Engines

The ways in which VR is being applied in the aviation industry are extremely useful and varied. Commercial aircraft faults are now being enhanced by the use of VR simulations, along with aviation training, component design, and several other uses. And now, Rolls-Royce and Qatar Airways are using Virtual Reality (VR) to train engineers, in a first for the two companies.

Akbar Al Baker & Chris Cholerton

Virtual Reality (VR) is poised to change the aviation industry. Industry watchers and experts have claimed that VR brings real benefits and value, making it possible to simulate and reproduce situations in an environment that would otherwise be costly, complex or even dangerous. In recent years, virtual and augmented reality have become more mobile and easier to use than ever, creating the potential to completely transform many areas of business.

Dassault, a pioneer in this area, has been using its world-renowned Dassault Systeme for years that is now an industry standard. Its 3D virtual reality technology is now used to train maintenance engineers and technicians. They have their Falcon Immersive Practical Training that is intended as a supplement for engineers and technicians undertaking certified practical training for Falcon business jets at Dassault Aviation’s training center in Bordeaux-Merignac, France.

One of the key benefits of using 3D virtual reality is that it allows one to more readily see and practice on the different parts of the aircraft airframe and systems. In real-time, it can be a bit time-consuming waiting to take turns to go inside the mechanical bays and other tight spaces on the real aircraft. With 3D VR immersive training tool, trainees simply put on their headsets and find themselves in the same virtual spot, even in tight spaces, with a perfect view of what the instructor is doing.

In the case of the Dassault-created Falco

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