The Mexican Suitcase Image Credit: Chiiz
The Mexican Suitcase Image Credit: Chiiz

The Mexican Suitcase

The Mexican Suitcase is a very well structured movie, taking up the background of a series of events that took place before World War II and its impact on people.

It is a historical movie focusing on the tragedy that hovered upon the people of Europe and how after all these years, one day in 2007, three lost boxes called ‘The Mexican Suitcase’ were recovered.

It is directed by Trisha Ziff who is one of the most fantastic detective story documentary teller of all time. The film had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and since then it has been added to the shelf of one of the finest historical dramas, it has a good share of viewers, not only from the photography background but even people having an inclination towards historical events have appreciated it.

The movie has a very interesting baseline coming from one of the most unexpected discoveries of 4500 photograph negatives found in a closet in Mexico which had disappeared during the chaotic events that took place in Europe at the beginning of World War II. The film is an absolute portrayal of atrocities faced by the people of Spain. The movie exhibits the work of Robert Capa along with two other photographers who have successfully captured the incident in the best possible way. In the history of photography, there have been very few photographers who were able to leave the footprints behind but nobody could do it the way Robert Capa did it. A Hungarian photographer, he devoted his heart and soul to redefine conflict photography. He has a very peculiar way of expressing a story through his photographs.

The frames captured in the movie

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