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Ranch Dressing Image Credit: Oklahoma Today
Ranch Dressing Image Credit: Oklahoma Today

Ranch Dressing

Details big and small make Rebel Hill Guest Ranch an unforgettable destination.

Sara Cowan

WAKING UP IN a refurbished 1911 passenger rail car on a guest ranch with a view of quarter horses drinking from a nearby pond might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But a return trip to Rebel Hill Guest Ranch likely will become a priority for many guests.

This third-generation working horse ranch in Antlers started hosting guests more than two decades ago. Justin Kimbrough of Oklahoma City visits Rebel Hill twice a year with his family.

“We’re away from the hustle of city life and we’re just doing everything at our own pace,” he says.

The Kimbroughs enjoy fishing, swimming, and, of course, horseback riding at the ranch. But the seventy or so horses aren’t the only animals at Rebel Hill. Watusi cattle, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, elk, fallow deer, and even a zedonk—a zebra-donkey hybrid—live here.

Another animal attraction, while far from wild, just might be a child’s favorite part of the trip: the six rescue dogs free to roam among Rebel Hill’s cabins.

“A lot of kids don’t have dogs at home, so they enjoy having a dog for the weekend,” says owner Becky Franks.

Franks’ “cabin dogs” have quite a bit of land to cover.

“People are surprised when they see that the cabins are far apart and so private,” Franks says. “It’s so safe. You can come out and sit on the deck and read a book, and you can see the

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