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Fitness Exercise Workout Gym Image Credit: Women's Health Australia
Fitness Exercise Workout Gym Image Credit: Women's Health Australia

How To Sweat Like The Glowing Girlboss!

Once stigmatised as “unfeminine”, sweat has become a badge of honour. With the rise of hot studios (and the perspiration perks), you’ll want to soak up our guide to getting fitter, stronger and 100% more confident.

Marissa Gainsburg

I don’t sweat, I glisten. I don’t sweat, I sparkle. I don’t sweat, I glow. The mantras dot cups, journals, T-shirts, all kinds of inanimate objects. But sweat isn’t icky. Or shameful. Nor should it be prettily euphemised. It’s to be celebrated – the receipt you get for loving your body. That’s why we’re proposing a new mantra for actual human beings: I sweat, therefore I am. We believe Descartes would approve. Slowly, surely and quite publicly, women are embracing the beautiful mess that is their sweat. Think of a slippery Teyana Taylor dancing her mother-flippin’ arse off in a gym in Kanye’s Fade video. Karlie Kloss drenched and laughing in a recent adidas ad campaign. The initiative This Girl Can, which celebrates women playing sport and exercising in all their sodden glory. Heck, Kayla Itsines even named an app after it. Never let them see you sweat? Ha. Sweat sells. Not to mention, you reap awesome benefits in this transaction: understanding those beads helps you build a hotter body but can also boost your mental health. How’s that for motivation to sweat? So get moving. Here’s just a few reasons it’s so hot right now!


Sweat exists for one reason: to maintain a body temp as close as possible to the optimal 37°C.But during exercise, your blood flow ramps up to deliver more oxygen to your working muscles, raising your temperatu

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