The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Sanjyt Syngh Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Sanjyt Syngh Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

Making A Bold Statememt

A mixture of influences, an eclectic design sensibility and a passion of storytelling through his designs, interior designer Sanjyt Syngh’s house is all that and more

Shruti Jain

The home of Delhi-based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh is as distinctive as his name. Guided by his philosophy ‘homes being an expression of your taste, and that every home must tell a story’, Sanjyt’s arresting home surely spins stories that have the power of holding so many conversations. The beauty of this space is in the details. “My design approach for the apartment has been a tad bit different. I didn’t have the end-result in mind when I started designing, but I knew I will be focusing a lot on art and sculptures that I have been collecting from my travels. It was more about what ideas and art not to use,” the designer shares.

Walking into the home, you are immediately greeted by a 3D installation named Infidelity by Sanjyt himself. It represents the childhood game we would play on the last few pages of our notebooks in the innocent days. And that innocence has been lost to the greed of adultery in our society. The ants kind of signify the beast amongst the simplicity of the “X’s” (pun intended) and the “O’s”. Hence Infidelity.

In continuation of his knack for detailing, the palette of a delicious brew of rich, lustrous colours - right from the blues, greens to the reds, golds catch your attention in the form of the living room. Warm tones are incorporated into th

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