The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Aakriti Saraf Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Aakriti Saraf Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

Kissing The Clouds

The mesmerising penthouse of the Kothari family designed by interior designer Aakriti Saraf is a bundle of joy - crafted with care and created with sheer love to meet heart’s desire

Benoy Sebastian

When the Kothari’s moved to Bengaluru from San Francisco they wanted to build a home that was warm and inviting for their little girl. Luckily for them, in the garden city of India, they soon identified a penthouse apartment in the bustling neighbourhood of Indiranagar in the heart of Bengaluru. But, they still needed a designer who could help them convert the house into a home, who could understand their needs, and was aligned with their design sensibilities and thought process. They struck gold with Aakriti Saraf, a young skilled interior designer. They loved the passion and vibrancy Aakriti exuded for the projects she undertook and her emphasis on finding the right balance between design and functionality. “This was one of the most thoughtful and deliberate design processes we’ve ever been through. Aakriti wanted to drill down into every aspect of the project- concept, narrative, aesthetic, mechanical, and functional,” says the owner. Aakriti realised that the Kotharis were extremely passionate about their new found nest. As a designer, it was important for her to have a one-on-one detailed discussions about the family’s lifestyle, daily habits and social needs. Once satisfied and sure of what the Kotharis needed, Aakriti set to work on the detailed designs, invisibly introducing necessary functionalities while showcasing the flair and style of the young power couple. The living room was divided into two areas - one which was formal and ornamental when entertaining guests for dinner, and the other, which could be used as the family room. The result of their combined efforts is an apartment that’s contemporary, but surprisingly war

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