The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Architecture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Architecture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

A Remarkable Blend

Conceptualised as “a pebble in the grass,” the Pool House designed by Delhi-based architectural firm 42mm expresses a shift in time between two buildings set parallel to each other by the virtue of its design yet congruent to its context by commonality in the material palette.

Ruhi Singh

So it all started with a brief for an entertainment zone consolidating a home theatre, lounge, pool, changing room, a gym, and two suites with dressers and toilets; attached to the owners’ existing 20 year old house. But, the architects wanted them to re-visit their brief and to give the annexe a reviving look. “We emphatically felt that the new addendum ought to be a standalone structure complimenting the current building and not replicating its architectural style,” says Rudraksh Charan of 42mm.

The property boasts of an amazing, lavish green vegetation with tall trees and the architect felt the house ought to value that scene every step of the way and therefore the interior design had to be in sync with the architecture. The stand alone curved structure with the glass on either side houses the living room and home theatre placed adjacent to one another. The form is developed out of a concrete shell that gave the pool house a bold sculptural identity with a minimalist approach, looking like a peal from the landscape. With the use of glass on both sides makes the pool house all transparent, so the architects oriented it in a way that it sits along the pool and overlooks the 2.5 acres of greens on the other side. The gym was placed in a way that it encases the pool with buildings on all sides thus creating a sense of privacy.

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