The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Architecture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Architecture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

Architecture That Brings Warmth To The Heart And Peace To The Soul

Located in Siolim, within the tropical region of Goa, the Sun House designed by SAV Architecture+Design Architects is a poetic architectural piece created to bring warmth to the heart and peace to the soul

Benoy Sebastian

To create the Sun House, architect Amita was inspired by the fiery nature of the sun. The fluid form of the house is shaped to preserve all the older existing trees, with emphasis on bold sweeping strokes and large overhangs that reflect within the interior spaces. Working within a tightly constrained site, the architect focused on creating an inward looking house, that draws the elements of nature towards itself. The exposed brick wall forms the central spine of the house changing its course as it moves to the double height fluid living space creating a dynamic and sweeping effect. Amita says, “We wanted the curved living space to be a sunken one with its lines flowing to the pool outside creating a poetic visual bridge with water and the amphitheatre-like seating. The double height doors of the living slide and fold to completely open the interiors to the outside, wherein one feels that the living spaces are a part of the pool. She further states, “We used a simple, minimal and locally available material palette that allowed them to stay true to the architectural experiences while focusing on the craftsmanship and details as well as nature and the connection to the outdoors. Exposed concrete roof and floors lend a seamlessness to the interiors while also keeping the house cool in the tropical weather of Goa. Most of the glazing faces the north to bring softlight within the interiors. The overhands and sloping roofscapes not only respond to the heavy monsoon that Goa experiences, but also its varying slopes and angles generate unique spatial moments across the entire house.”

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