The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Architecture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Architecture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

How Luxury And Functionality Can Blend Perfectly

Spread across 2,500 sqft, the home designed by Architect Harsh Vardhan Jain and Saurabh Jain proves how luxury and functionality can blend perfectly to craft a space that is both timeless and fresh

Carried out with a single brief - fluid spaces filled with ample lights, the interior spaces were planned along a simple diagram where walls in one direction were kept as masonry and the perpendicular ones took on various forms such as cabinetry, screens, partitions as well as furniture. “Our design efforts while working with standard functional requirement of each spaces were towards minimising the number of walls, increasing flows between spaces and yet give each space its distinct character,” shares Harsh Vardhan Jain of Harsh Vardhan Jain Architects. The designers achieved this through the use of colours, partitioning systems and varying forms of fixed and loose furniture. The entrance foyer and the living room are actually the core of the house and also from here all other rooms are accessed directly. The home welcomes you with a large solid wood door; comfortable George Nakashima style chairs sit stylishly with an interesting coffee table by Ayush Kasliwal. The focus of the space is the metal and cane mesh screen that separates the entry foyer from the rest of the room and acts as mirror on one side and the TV console on the other. The designer followed the rhythm on the opposite wall with a shoe cabinet designed by them with the same cane mesh shutters. An interplay of wood, black granite and neutral white describe the tone of the walls of the living room. Decorative brass wall lights are mounted on the black granite that contrasts with the light while softening its glow. Mid-century modern style furniture pieces from Iqrup+Ritz and Differniture as well as Nakashima-esque solid wood custom furniture pieces, table mounted lamps, and a large Kashmiri r

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