The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Spicy Paprika Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Spicy Paprika Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

Spicy Paprika

Who says nature needs to stay outside your window? Bring in your fall specials to warm up your interiors with delight!

Shruti Jain

Whether your personal decorative style is eclectic, modern, traditional or rustic, nature has a colour palette waiting for you, and autumn is a cherished time of the year. As the weather brings a chill to the air, everyone feels like hibernating with feel-good colours and snug comforts. We love the Spice Palette-with the primary colour being Paprika. It seems just right for this time of the year as it is inviting and energising. It is traditional without being red. Contemporary without being orange. These hues are great foils to light-coloured upholstery. They also work really well with the “it” colours of the moment-plum, raisin, and persimmon for an infusion of colour that gives a luxurious and timely feeling. It has been said that, when it comes to the colour wheel and colour pairings, colours like their neighbours work really well. Red and orange, as colour wheel neighbours, certainly exemplify this. They are both energetic and bold, yet their subtle difference in warmth lets the colours be unique in their impact. Use it with powdery gray neutrals or with blue and white. Also, the dark tone of navy contrasts like a kind older brother to the more youthful burnt orange, and the pair has the best of both worlds.

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