The Ideal Home and Garden - India
A ClassicTale Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
A ClassicTale Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

A Classic Tale

Blending the roots of the owners with modern luxury, Adetee Sawhaney of Altus Interio gives a unique yet timeless personality of its own to this space

Shruti Jain

The house that Adetee Sawhaney designed is every bit authentic, unique and timeless. The pristine white marble flooring that starts right from the entrance and is spread throughout the penthouse gives it a feeling of spaciousness and a seemingly natural flow from one space to another. Another bewitching addition is the jaalis, which are made of stone and Corian sandwiched with the mirror not only acting as space dividers and visual treats but also giving the house a regal feel. The double height entrance wall is the highlight of the house. “Since the owners have their roots in Rajasthan, I wanted to give them something which would be close to their culture and heritage, yet distinctive enough to stand out,” says Adoptee. The larger than life artwork is hand-painted with inspirations drawn from the Rajputana art and architecture. The famous step-well of Jaipur also known as Bawdi, which means a pond or a well has been depicted with motifs taken from the famous ‘Sheesh Mahal,’ the other elements include brass door knockers, which were used in the old forts and palaces. The background has a chevron pattern and a large lotus in full bloom. Another beautifully handcrafted mirror jaali has been fixed in the center with the entire background in gold leaf. To complete the look, a Venetian console with a rich malachite stone has been placed on it with an inlay of Nandis on it. The artwork runs across the beam, which has been highlighted with beautiful bougai

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