The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Home Decor Interior Furniture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Home Decor Interior Furniture Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

Do More With Less

Far from boring, bold, functional and highly memorable, that’s what Minimalist Decor is

Shruti Jain

In theory, a style like minimalism - the art of decorating with less - sounds easy to pull off. However, it’s more than whiting out a room, throwing in some sharp geometrics and adding neutral furnishings. In fact, you have to put a lot of thought when creating a livable minimalist space - one that feels warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical. One thing this style demands is to pare down the furnishings to the bare essentials so that what’s left is a set of curated objects that deliver maximum impact. Minimalism, essentially, is not conductive to a colour-intense experience. You want your objects to speak for themselves and too much colour will be distracting from the overall style and details. That being said, venturing beyond the monotone is no sin. Tightly edit your colour palette; use colours that work well together and maintain a feeling of simplicity. For instance, yellow undertones give white paint a warmer and creamier appearance, while blue undertones give a crisper look. Concrete and wood are two of the most popular flooring options for minimalist design as they draw the eye as cozy focal points. Since there is less to distract the eye in minimal spaces, the mantra to adopt is -better, not more. Invest in those pieces, which have a quality design that will make a beautiful statement and stand the test of time.

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