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Gardening Winter Garden Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Gardening Winter Garden Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

6 Easy Steps To Keep Your Garden Healthy And Safe This Winter

All the know-how about preparing your garden for the winter tide with useful insights from Harpreet Ahluwalia of Earthly Creations.

Shruti Jain

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, the plants are preparing for dormancy. They may look dead as a doornail, but they’re simply laying low until the soil warms up and the days get long. Don’t be fooled by their silence - there are plenty of things going on during the cold months. Newly transplanted trees and shrubs and parts of perennials are focusing on strengthening their roots by taking in nutrition from the soil. Even compost piles will continue to break down all winter. Sure, the microbes and redworks work at a much slower pace, but they continue to work nonetheless. Here are a few necessary and easy steps to keep your garden healthy and safe this winter.

Clean up the garden bed:

Your garden becomes a mess by the end of the season. To clean it up is a big task. It is advisable to break up your garden bed into small areas and start cleaning one area at a time till all the areas are cleaned.

Remove rotting and dead plants:

All dead foliage should be removed from garden beds. Some old plants can harbour disease, pests, and funguses. Remove all dead plants and rotten fruit or vegetables from the soil surface or bury them in the garden. Burying old plants in your garden also adds organic to the soil, which is helpful for other existing plants.

Add a layer of compost or mulch:

The constant freezing and thawing of plants can be as harmful as cold

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