The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Tube Homes Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India
Tube Homes Image Credit: The Ideal Home and Garden - India

Tube Homes

Battling the space crunch issue, Hong Kong based studio James Law Cybertecture comes up with an amazing concept of low cost micro-homes

James Law Cybertecture

Known for their innovative designs and blueprints that are masterpiece in itself, James Law conceives Opod tube homes, which are tiny apartments built inside a 2.5 meters diameter concrete water pipe. Their idea was simple - to utilise available limited space in the city where there is constant shortage of housing.

As these Opod can be placed into gaps between the city buildings, thus finding a land separately for them was not required. Constructed out of low cost and readily available concrete water pipes, the design utilises the strong concrete structure to house a mirco-living apartment for one/ two persons with fully kitted out living, cooking and bathroom units. Each Opod is equipped with smart phone locks for online access as well as space saving furniture that maximises the space inside. Talking about the hurdles while conceptualising, James shares, “Major challenge that we faced was two folds. Firstly, to create a concept that is sustainable and low cost, which we resolved by using available concrete water pipes. Secondly, to design a liveable property of 100 sqft with all the basic necessities of life in a very space saving solution.”

Designing the interior was also an interesting aspect as it was an unfinished internal space of concrete water pipe. All fittings and furniture are low cost, and are made from recycled and readily available construction components such as scaffolding pipes, wooden platforms and steel sections.

“The aesthe

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