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Perfume Fragrance Lifestyle Mood Image Credit: Mad About Money
Perfume Fragrance Lifestyle Mood Image Credit: Mad About Money

Top 5 Most Expensive Perfumes In The World!

Since time immemorial, natural fragrances and perfumes have been crafted for uplifting moods and creating pleasing and evocative fragrances for hair, skin and living spaces. In this world, everybody wants to smell good as well as create a good impression on every one. According to an aromatherapy expert, perfumes and fragrances can excite the olfactory nerve and also few areas of the brain that manages our feelings and memories.

The global fragrance industry is expected to increase by $72.7 billion in 2018. We’ve all had this thought that why perfumes are so expensive. Three reasons that drive the pricing of the perfumes and that are – Rare Ingredients, Marketing and the Packaging. Cheap perfumes are mostly created using synthetic ingredients created in a lab. Expensive perfumes spend a lot of money on marketing their product by celebrity endorsements and over the top ad campaigns to entice their consumers. Moreover, the perfume brands create limited editions to generate buzz and an interest about the product. People who are perfume aficionados are ready to shell out any amount of money to own an exclusive bottle of the brand in their collection.

Here is a list of top 5 most expensive perfumes in the world which are fit for the most opulent and lavish consumers:

1 DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle – $1 million

This numero uno perfume is the most expensive perfume in the entire world. It was jointly created by renowned designer DKNY in collaboration with noted jewelry designer Martin Katz. The perfume was released in 2011, which contains a 2.43 carat yellow Canary diamond in the cap, 4.03 carat rose cut diamonds, 15 stunning pink diamonds, 7.18 carat oval Cabochon sapphire, 2,700 white diamonds and 183 y

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