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Loan Investment Finance Saving Money Image Credit: Mad About Money
Loan Investment Finance Saving Money Image Credit: Mad About Money

6 Ways To Grow Up And Get Rich

Loan basics for beginners

Dreams, these days, come with a high price tag. A car for Rs5 lakh, a house for Rs50 lakh, several lakhs for a decent education, and crores for a cushy retirement! In fact, seemingly simple needs have been elevated to dreams due to the high cost associated with them. At this hour, sustainability of a good living requires either a large income or a strategic plan to meet these basic life goals. While the former may not always be easy for the average salaried person, the latter is certainly within reach, especially if you begin at the beginning. Make a financial plan the day you start working and you won’t have to scramble to fund each aspiration.


How you manage, spend, and invest your money can have a profound impact on your life, yet very few educational hubs teach these value-adding skills. You were probably taught some basic math in your childhood, but too many people make it all the way to adulthood without ever learning basic finance management. Skills like creating a budget, investing for the future, or even how credit cards work are startlingly rare skills. Becoming savvy financially can take a while, but the basics are fairly simple. The best part is that the fundamentals never change. Learning how to get rich is no more difficult than studying the piano or learning to paint. By changing the way you look at money and setting your priorities right, you’ll realize there is nothing standing between yo

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