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The Perfect Backup Image Credit: Smart Photography
The Perfect Backup Image Credit: Smart Photography

The Perfect Backup!

My Passport Wireless SSD

Rohinton Mehta

A photographer’s worst possible nightmare is losing his/her images. That’s the reason why we go to great lengths and backup our precious cargo, so that, in the event of loss, damage, pilferage or corruption of a memory card, the backup saves the day.

Back-ups can be in several forms. In cameras having two memory card slots, you can enable the feature to copy the images from one card to the other and thus have two cards with the same images. So, in case you lose one card, or one card gets corrupted, the other card with the same images will come to your rescue. While this is a good method, the downside is that you need double the quantity of cards on your trip. Also bear in mind that both the memory cards need to offer the same writing speed or else the camera will slow down to the speed of the slower card. And one more thing, the more cards you have, the greater the chances of losing/misplacing the cards.

You could also backup your images on to a laptop, but as you already know, carrying and looking after a laptop while on a shoot can be pretty troublesome.

Enter the My Passport Wireless SSD drive from Western Digital. Using its built-in Wi-Fi (802.11ac), you can wirelessly and quickly backup your precious images (JPEGs and Raw) as well as videos, without the need to carry a laptop or additional software. The product is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacity.

The product shown here is the 250GB version but the fe

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