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Scotland Image Credit: Smart Photography
Scotland Image Credit: Smart Photography


Prathamesh is a professional travel photographer based in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Being a creative soul from the beginning, bits and pieces of arts always fascinated him and thus with the desire of creating something of his own, his photographic journey began in 2013. The Kumbhmela of 2015 was the turning point of his expedition where he realised his true potential and zeal for the art. Now his camera is always in search of serene landscapes, magical cityscapes, story-driven culture and characters around us. His work has been acknowledged in international platforms such as International Photography Awards IPA, Black and White Spider Awards, and International Color Awards along with photographic exhibitions in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. More of his work can be viewed on

Prathamesh Dixit

Have you ever been looking for a travel destination where you can hang out with nature and still stay close to human life at the end of the day? Then you are one of my kind. The United Kingdom is blessed with one such land on its north — the heaven which is the native of the Scots, the place where Scotch takes its birth and nature plays its own game of light and shadow everyday — Aye it’s Scotland!

It’s no wonder that I fell in love with this place at first sight itself. As a travel photographer, what inspires me more is the existence of human life and nature in harmony. Scotland is one such great example. The Scotland that I have explored was very

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