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Snapshots Image Credit: Smart Photography
Snapshots Image Credit: Smart Photography


Let’s say that you have to edit a Raw data file.

Rohinton Mehta

After adjusting a couple of sliders in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), you say to yourself, “Hey! That looks nice”. After adjusting a few more sliders, you say to yourself, “Hey! I like this too”. Further on, you like two more sets of adjustments. What you have done is you have created four variations of the same Raw file; in fact, you could create several variations. But, is there a way to save all the variations before selecting the one that you like the best? Fortunately, there is! In ACR, it is under the tag ‘Snapshots’. Note: You can also save edited variations of a JPEG / TIFF file, as long as you open and edit the file in ACR. In fact, the sample image for this tutorial is a JPEG image.

Open the image in ACR; as mentioned above, it does not matter if the image is a Raw file, JPEG or TIFF.

Edit the image as per your liking. Click on the last tab on the right. It is marked Snapshots (see Printscreen 1).

The image will be saved as Untitled-1. (You can always give it a suitable name if you wish.)

Click on the Basic tab (Printscreen 4) and proceed further with more edits. Go to the Snapshots tab again and repeat the steps mentioned earlier. This will be Untitled-2.

Create as many variations as you need. In my example here, I have created four variations; that’s why you see Untitled-1 to Untitled-4 in Printscreen 2.

Now decide on the version that you like best and want

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