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Dream Becoming A Reality Image Credit: Smart Photography
Dream Becoming A Reality Image Credit: Smart Photography

Dream Becoming A Reality

An industrialist by profession, Randeep Singh ventured into the field of nature and wildlife photography almost a decade ago. He has travelled to more than 70 countries for both business and wildlife photography. His work has been showcased in national and international publications. For Randeep, wildlife photography is not only a passion but also a means to share with others the beauty and wonder of the natural world that he has been honoured to witness through his lens.

Randeep Singh

Randeep Singh, a wildlife photographer from India, has travelled to over 70 countries worldwide to pursue his love for nature and wildlife photography. He was recently in the Sierra Morena mountain region of Spain. His aim was to fulfill his dream of photographing the Iberian lynx along with other birds and animals.

Here is what Randeep has to say about the Iberian lynx:

“The Iberian lynx is one of the world’s rarest species of cat, and also one of the most endangered species of the cat family. I had been waiting to photograph this species of lynx for six long years but had no luck. So this year I decided to give my last try to see this beautiful cat. I went to Spain once again and spoke with a guy who said that I could try my luck at his uncle’s place. His uncle had a room in front of a pond where the lynx used to come to drink water. I was fully prepared to spend my time in this small room. On the first day I patiently sat in the room for 7 hours but there was no sighting of the elusive cat. On the second day, again I had no luck for almost eight hours – just another bad day. The third and the fourth day was the repeat of the first two days – no luck! I was feeling very frustrated and depressed sitting in the small 5 x 6 feet room. I cried because I left my home for this cat and even missed the Diwali festival which is one of the most important festivals of India. Everyone stays with their family during this festival time and here I was sitting in a tiny room, with no sighting for four days!

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