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India Is Our Final Frontier Image Credit: Smart Photography
India Is Our Final Frontier Image Credit: Smart Photography

India Is Our Final Frontier

Fujifilm India has appointed Haruto Iwata as the new Managing Director. He takes over from Yasinobu Nishiyama. Smart Photography met Mr. Iwata along with Mr.Taro Kawano, Senior Manager, Photo Imaging Division, Fujifilm India on the sidelines of the CEIF 2018. Excerpts...

Sujith Gopinath

Fujifilm has made a strong come back in the Indian imaging space. How do you look at the prospects of this market? In CEIF 2018, we are showcasing all our products and services including capture, pre-press, gifting and presenting. We have the whole lineup currently displayed here. Initially, people were wary of mirrorless cameras, but now they acknowledge that these cameras are suitable for professional photography, even wedding photography. Not only wedding, but also other genres like wildlife and still life. Already the X-series has been widely accepted in countries like US, Europe, Japan and South-East Asian countries. Now we are concentrating on India. India is perhaps our final frontier. Market share of mirrorless is very very small in this country, maybe less than five percent. Worldwide, mirrorless has almost 20 to 25 percent market share. Year-by-year, D-SLR volumes are decreasing and mirrorless is increasing. This is a worldwide scenario. But in India, the process has just started.

Why do you think the market share of mirrorless is low in India?

As per our estimation, maybe around 5 to 6 lakh of cameras are being imported to India. The most happening genre here is wedding photography. Wedding photographers want better images. Mirrorless cameras, although smaller in size, provide better picture quality, and this is better for the photographer and also to the end customer. So we want to offer our mirrorless cameras, but

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