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AMG 53 Electric Hy brid Performance Image Credit: Car India
AMG 53 Electric Hy brid Performance Image Credit: Car India

AMG 53: Electric Hy Brid Performance

Between the six-cylinder '43 and the eight-cylinder ‘63’ AMG models arrives a new member of the family. Cleaner, more efficient, yet more potent, thanks to using electricity to make the fast even faster. We delve into what makes the new AMG 53 models tick, with the all-new CLS being the first recipient of this petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain

We kneW it Was coming, but to see the new nomenclature evokes a new kind of excitement. the new ‘53’ AMG model line opens with the CLs-Class four-door coupé and the new E-Class two-door models, the E 53 Coupé and the e 53 Cabriolet, all of which feature ‘4MATIC+’ in their official nomenclature.

The new CLs 53 features bold styling, with the third-generation CLs already wowing us with its return to the classic four-door coupé styling that created a new segment when the car first arrived. It gets a host of active aerodynamic elements and a new hybrid powertrain.

The AMG 53 cars are powered by a new hybrid driveline comprising the 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine making 435 Ps and 520 nm, an integrated starter/alternator positioned between the engine and transmission, with the e-motor adding 16 kW (22 Ps) and 250 nm, and a 48-volt electrical system that also drives an electric auxiliary compressor capable of getting up to 70,000 rpm in 300 milliseconds. the ‘eQ Boost’ functionality, as it is called, adds short bursts of power momentarily. the result is a peak output of up to 457 Ps and 770 nm with zero lag. the new AMG speedshift TCT nine-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission, which made its début in the new e 63,

Handles power-transfer duties to the fully-variable 4MatiC+ all-wheel-drive system.

The 48-volt mild hybrid system also powers a conventional 12volt electrical system usin

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