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In Quest Of Perfection Image Credit: Car India
In Quest Of Perfection Image Credit: Car India

In Quest Of Perfection

MRF introduce Perfinza premium tyres for luxury cars

MRF LIMITED HAVE ENTERED the luxury car tyre space with the new Perfinza range of premium tyres which have been released in India before being made available in international markets. the tyre was unveiled by the company’s top management in the presence of cricket legend AB de Villiers, who has been roped in as the global brand ambassador. these are the first indigenously produced tyres made by an Indian company to be approved by a leading luxury car manufacturer. The development of the Perfinza tyres has been made possible by MRF’s continued commitment to investment in R&d within India and abroad, and the tyres have undergone extensive testing under wet and dry conditions in India, Germany, and the IDIADA proving grounds, Europe’s most comprehensive independent testing centre near Barcelona in Spain. MRF Perfinza tyres are currently available for over 60 luxury and premium cars in India, backed by MRF’s wide network of showrooms across the country. apart from being rated to be used on high-speed luxury cars, this range of tyres also features asymmetrical tread patterns, a silica-based compound and offer a balanced package of ride, handling, traction, and control in all weather conditions. Speaking at the launch, Koshy K varghese, executive vice-president (marketing), MRF Ltd, said, “Our R&d engineers had one word in mind when they developed this tyre: perfection. Perfinza by MRF is a tyre that delivers the perfect dri

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