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Karminder Singh Wins Ameo Cup 2017 Image Credit: Car India
Karminder Singh Wins Ameo Cup 2017 Image Credit: Car India

Karminder Singh Wins Ameo Cup 2017

Round four, the final round of the Ameo Cup 2017, saw the crowning of a champion and some great racing

VOLKSWAGEN MOTORSPORT INDIA HAVE concluded the first season of the Ameo Cup at the Madras Motor race track (MMRT), Chennai, with Karminder Singh of Delhi being crowned the champion. the races were incredibly challenging and saw the drivers having to prepare their cars to race in changing weather conditions throughout.


The quickest time in qualifying was set by SauravBandyopadhyay of Mumbai (1:54.193), followed by guest racer Anning sun from shanghai, China, and Sandeep Kumar of Chennai. with the sun shining on the start-finish line all the cars got off to a good start, but contact between Aditya Pawar and Jeet Jhabakh, who ended up in the barriers either side of the track, meant the safety car had to spring into action on the first lap. Dhruv Mohite of kolhapur, who was making his way up the field, was an unfortunate victim of the incident, but he managed to nurse his car into the pits to effectively retire the car. the race restarted and both Saurav and Anning started to run away from the pack and crossed the line with Saurav taking the win, with less than a second separating the two cars. Sandeep in third place rounded off the podium.


The next morning as we walked out on to the track following the showers of the night before, we were informed that, following a late call by the organisers, the Ameo Cup race had been shifted up and the cars were prepared to race with wet weather tyres. the to

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