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Efficiently Grippy Image Credit: Car India
Efficiently Grippy Image Credit: Car India

Efficiently Grippy

Goodyear gave us a taste of their new EfficientGrip Performance SUV tyres at the Chang International Circuit in Thailand

Ravi Chandnani

A PERFORMANCE SUV ALWAYS demands the best from its tyres, for it has to have high levels of grip for sporty handling, low noise for a quiet ride, and efficient wet braking performance. This is where Goodyear come into the picture. Recently, the 119-year-old American tyre-makers launched a new range of tyres in South east asia, called EfficientGrip performance SUV. This new range is an addition to the already existing EfficientGrip tyre line-up. However, this is made for performance SUVs that demand nothing but the best.

We were in Thailand where these tyres were introduced, and soon they would be on their way to India. These tyres are made from a medium compound that makes them durable. Goodyear have used their latest QuietTred technology that uses a noise deadening tread and carcass design.

There is an increase in the number of pitches and the sequence has been optimised, which has resulted into smaller block sizes that reduce the impact and radiated noise. The new closed shoulder grove design helps reduce the noise even further.

These new tyres also have optimised cavity shape and non-skid distribution that gives them an efficient shape, reducing vibrations and allowing an even wear throughout. The Flexcontact Technology compound has multiple layers such as a shock-absorbing layer, heavy gauge under tread, and barrier gum strip. These layers come together to provide a vibration-free ride as they do an excellent job of cushioning the road irregulari

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