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Road Train Image Credit: Car India
Road Train Image Credit: Car India

Road Train

Looks like we have a winner here catering to compact vehicle transport solutions

Joshua Varghese

FORCE MOTORS LTD ARE OFFERING A NEW TRAILER FOR N1 commercial vehicles. As a recovery accessory, it is particularly useful to transport an extremely damaged vehicle to the nearest garage without fearing further damage to it. Additionally, it can also be used to transport most four-wheelers. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need a truck to tow it around. Currently, the trailer has been tailormade for the force trax Puller and force Motors have announced that it can be coupled to any vehicle that is compatible with its braking and electrical systems.

Bearing certification from the ARAI and VRDE, the five-metre-long trailer fits like a glove on the force trax Puller. The vehicle to be towed can be loaded on to the trailer’s aluminium platform with the help of a couple of ladder-ramps that are integrated into the platform. At 1,120 kg it might not be the easiest thing to manoeuvre but it is capable of bearing nearly three times its weight. Ground clearance is fairly decent at 952 mm.

Suspension duties for the trailer are managed by semi-elliptical leaf springs at the axle along with a telescopic shock-absorber to curb lateral movement, and an anti-roll bar for good measure. Disc brakes take care of stopping power, operated through the force trax Puller service brake. The trailer is also fully equipped with safety features such as clamps, belts, roll bars and ratchets in addition to high-visibility markings at all points along the trailer.

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