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Mercedes Benz C Class Image Credit: Car India
Mercedes Benz C Class Image Credit: Car India

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

WITH LONG WEEKENDS in August (and the monsoon rain gradually petering out), the setting was perfect for a quick getaway. And what could be a better driving destination than Goa? The plan was to take my family out on a long overdue driving holiday. My editor generously offered his long-term Mercedes-Benz C250d so that the trip would become comfortable for the missus and our son. The offer was too tempting to let go.

Sarmad Kadiri

The C-Class has been part of the Car India long-term fleet for the last couple of months but, engrossed as we were in bringing out the anniversary issue, there was no opportunity to take it on a long drive. Interestingly, the last highway jaunt that it did was when it had just arrived and the Ed had driven it to Goa as well. Now it was time to complete the circle before we bid it farewell.

Obviously, the Merc looks as stunning as a Rs 50-lakh luxury car should. My favourite design elements include the sporty grille with integrated Tristar logo, AMG inspired massive air-dams and the sinister DRl of the headlamps. The Avantgarde trim also comes with seven-inch twin-spoke alloy wheels, which look good but are a struggle to clean, especially during the rainy season.

Talking about monsoon, the suspension feels a smidge firm while driving over dilapidated roads and the Mercedes tends to scrape its belly over high speedbreakers if one is not careful. Thankfully, it has good under-body protection which prevents serious damage.

The cabin layout is a bit unusual but extremely practical. Having the gear lever on the steering column not just clears out the centre console, but also is very convenient to use, especially during three point parking.Flicking the gear stalk from drive to reverse and back to drive comes so naturally, without even getting the hands off the wheel, as one steers the car into the parking spot.

The seat adjusting buttons are conveniently

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