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Veiby Claims Victory In Canberra Image Credit: Car India
Veiby Claims Victory In Canberra Image Credit: Car India

Veiby Claims Victory In Canberra

The Australian leg of the competition was held in Canberra rather than Queensland this year and Team MRF Škoda still managed to clinch the one-two spot to remain the top team in the running

Harket Suchde

TWENTY-YEAR-OLD Ole Christian Veiby may be participating in the APRC for the first season, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on his performances in the first two rounds. After narrowly missing the top spot in the first round in New Zealand, Veiby, along with co-driver Stig Rune Skjaermœn, have now managed to capture the top of the podium.

Despite the fact that neither Veiby nor team-mate Gaurav Gill (with co-driver Stéphane Prévot) had ever driven this course before, both drivers from Team MRF Škoda bagged the first and second positions respectively. In fact, Gill came out on top on day one with four stage wins compared to Veiby’s three. However, Gill wasn’t happy with the way his rally-spec Škoda Fabia R5 was set up and made some changes that night. The changes didn’t work in his favour, though, as he couldn’t keep up with Veiby for the five stages that remained on day two (stage 13 was cancelled as the roads were damaged by foul weather).

At the end of the round, a jubilant Veiby said, “After our bad luck at the opening round of APRC in New Zealand, I am more than happy to win here in Australia. Thanks to Škoda MRF for giving me such a fantastic car. My Škoda Fabia R5 was running like clockwork.” This victory also means that Vei

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