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Lewis Rules The Roost Image Credit: Car India
Lewis Rules The Roost Image Credit: Car India

Lewis Rules The Roost

 Lewis Hamilton fought back in the title challenge as he cruised to victory in Canada, leading the first Mercedes-AMG one-two this season

Jim Gorde

THE WORLD WAS UP watching what went down at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Ferrari were leading the championship coming in, but with Lewis’ pace through the practice sessions and a blast of a qualifying lap that secured him pole position, that could very well change.

Although Max Verstappen caught everyone by surprise going around the outside even as Lewis managed a great start, it was chaos after the turn. Sainz, in a bid to avoid a tightening Haas piloted by Grosjean, lost it completely, bounced off the barriers, narrowly missing the mid-field, and ploughed straight into Massa, taking him out. The Safety Car appeared.

Ten laps later, when the race resumed, Max’s Red Bull had a problem, slowing down and then coming to a complete stop. A disappointing retirement for the young lad. The Virtual Safety Car was then deployed. When racing resumed again on lap 14, Hamilton was the man on the move, opening a gap of six seconds over his team-mate.

With Mercedes running away at the front, it wasn’t Ferrari who were fighting for the podium. Vettel, who had to come in for a wing change during the early laps after being squeezed out by the Flying Dutchman Jr, found himself languishing in 18th. Esteban Ocon, on fresh rubber, looked promising for pace and a potential podium. Sadly, though, he was held up by his team-mate Perez, leaving Ricciardo unchallenged.

With two laps to go, Alonso, driving a hero’s race in 10th

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