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The Wild Side Of Land Rover Image Credit: Car India
The Wild Side Of Land Rover Image Credit: Car India

The Wild Side Of Land Rover

We attend the luxurious off-road experience organised by Land Rover

Ravi Chandnani

LET’S GO OFF-ROADING! A statement that a Land Rover owner in India might not make often, thinking that it might be too much for the SUV to handle. In reality the owners are hesitant, for they are not fully aware of the offroading capabilities of the modern Land Rover SUVs. And to let such owners explore the capabilities these SUVs possess, Land Rover India organised an off-roading experience at Lonavala, near Aamby Valley. We were there to see for ourselves how well LR SUVs do in extreme conditions.

As we reached the venue, which is part of an adventure park, there were 10 Land Rover SUVs waiting for us. But before that, the gentlemen from Cougar Motorsports briefed us about the safety aspects as also the dos and don’ts. After a quick briefing session, I was in the Land Rover Discovery Sport and was raring to go as the course looked tough and challenging.

As we started, the terrain got rougher with each passing boulder. Initially, the trail was pretty easy for the Discovery Sport. After a few uphill and downhill sections, we were finally near a river crossing. But this little stream we were about to cross was filled with stones that could dislocate, stranding the SUV in the middle of the stream. However, after carefully following the instructions given by our instructor, I pointed the Discovery Sport in the right direction and it simply pulled itself out of the stream without getting stuck.

The next big obstacle was a

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