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Finding The Way Image Credit: Car India
Finding The Way Image Credit: Car India

Finding The Way

Jeep are using their latest SUV, the Compass, to find their way in the Indian market

Ravi Chandrani

IT IS NOT EASY TO FIND YOUR WAY in the Indian car market as you have to navigate through the highways of consumer demands, not to speak of those back alleys of bureaucracy. It can be a tough challenge even for some of the most sorted global car-makers. However, Jeep, the iconic American brand owned by FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), are looking to find their way in this market with the help of their new SUV, the Compass.

So, to see how exactly this new SUV tackles the Indian terrain, we headed to Goa for a first drive and this is what we have to say.

A shrunk Grand Cherokee is what the Compass essentially looks like. It appears big, but in a nonintimidating way. It has all the essential design elements such as the iconic Jeep grille, a generous dose of chrome and a few interesting bits like the chrome strip that starts at the A-pillar and goes all the way back to the rear windscreen. The minimalist design looks good and also manages to turn heads.

On the inside the story is pretty similar to the exterior. The cabin layout is simple with good quality leather upholstery and plastics that have respectable fit-and-finish. The black and white theme looks classy and the overall feel is pretty cosy. The front and rear seats are comfortable and there is ample knee-room as well. However, the Compass lacks adequate head- and shoulder-room and seating three average-size adults in the rear turns out to be a squeeze.

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