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I Dont Take One Step But I Actually Go On A Journey Image Credit: Banking Frontiers
I Dont Take One Step But I Actually Go On A Journey Image Credit: Banking Frontiers

'I Don't Take One Step, But I Actually Go On A Journey'

Gary Norcross, chairman, president and CEO, FIS Global, is not new to India. He has been coming here since 2007 and he is absolutely amazed how India has been changing with every trip of his. He dwells on the transformation and the journey:

Manoj Agrawal: Do you find any interesting changes in India?

Gary Norcross: Yes, the infrastructure is really advancing quickly, and you know, FIS has moved from a small employer in India to position where we have a very large population of employees and we have built our market too. So, we’ve got great clients.

You have done a good job here.

Yeah. It has been fun. India is a great country. We’ve really enjoyed, and we are going to continue to be committed to it. We are going to continue to invest in the country. I think we need companies like FIS with the financial sector transforming so rapidly.

For the first time the global banking system is transforming in a synchronized manner. What do you make of it?

Well, you are right. During my trips, I always like to meet with our clients, meet with our prospects, and also meet with our associates. That’s why I end up covering as many cities as I do. But, a very consistent thing that I have seen with our clients and prospects during my visit this time is that not only just India, but the whole world is under a massive transformation, right around financial services. This is the first time that I am seeing synchronized transformation all across the world. Everybody is dealing with increased regulatory scrutiny. Everybody is dealing with digitization of everything. Everybody is dealing with next generation payments an

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