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Fires Battle Lab leads multi domain experiment Image Credit: Fires Bulletin
Fires Battle Lab leads multi domain experiment Image Credit: Fires Bulletin

Fires Battle Lab Leads Multi-Domain Experiment

The Fires Battle Lab is going to war. The enemy is uncertainty.

Marie Berberea

As the lead for Unified Challenge 18.3, the Soldiers and civilians in I-SEE-O Hall and battle labs across the Army are looking for answers to the question, “What can we do against a near-peer competitor?”

In September, an entire floor is taken over to conduct this war-game experiment.

“Why do we experiment? To learn and mitigate risk for current and future forces, provide a measure of objectivity and inform on capability gaps and emerging concepts,” said John Haithcock, Fires Battle Lab director.

Opposition for the U.S. has changed. With possible threats looming from North Korea, Russia and China, Army experts are searching for solutions against those who are technologically savvy and resource-rich. This factors into the Army’s picture of the future, and the not-so-far future.

“While our focus is on the 2030 environment, we have to consider what is happening in the world today. Can we implement what we learn in the experiment to today’s operations?” asked Haithcock.

Military role players (MRPs) are acting as great debaters, poking holes in current arguments of what is “known.” MRPs are coming to Fort Sill Sept. 12-21 to act as Fires units. Fires MRPs are going to the Maneuver Battle Lab to play fire support and to the Mission Command Battle lab to fill Fires division roles.

The experiment’s landscape is painted with the broad strokes of the Army’s current contextual

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