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Hello from the 53rd Commandant of the US Army Field Artillery School Image Credit: Fires Bulletin
Hello from the 53rd Commandant of the US Army Field Artillery School Image Credit: Fires Bulletin

Hello From The 53rd Commandant Of The U.S. Army Field Artillery School

Never for a second did I ever expect to become the 53rd Chief of the Field Artillery and Commandant of the United States Field Artillery School. Having said that, I am thrilled and humbled to serve our Army and our branch in this capacity.

I am excited and energized to work with, and for, our field artillerymen and women and maintaining momentum on all our initiatives. Like anyone else who has served this long, the Army has provided me a wealth of great fire support experiences through multiple deployments and training events, incredible mentorship from senior officers and noncommissioned officers, and opportunities to learn by working with talented Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines of all ranks and branches. What a fantastic opportunity to give back to our Army.

Going forward, I think we need to keep on our current trajectory that my predecessors have set, to increase academic and physical rigor focused on fighting and winning against a peer threat in large-scale combat operations. Our nation has a tradition of fighting large-scale wars with Fires...we will remain ready to do so when called upon.

In order to accomplish this, our primary and most sacred duty here at the schoolhouse is producing competent, fit and assertive artillery warriors for the operational force, period. To do this, we must routinely take a hard, internal look to make sure our programs of instruction (POIs) are current and address emerging threats, doctrine and senior leaders’ vision, our instructors are fully qualified, and that we are applying appropriate

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