Social Media Networking Facebook Twitter Image Credit: Technowize
Social Media Networking Facebook Twitter Image Credit: Technowize

Is Social Media Dumbing Us Down?

Be on line with what’s going around you and not just online.

We make use of the social networking sites on a daily basis. It brings to us new ideas and news from all across the globe. But it is also a fact that social media can never be trusted with whatever you read. We hate to admit that we too make use of the social networking sites more than we should but then at least we know (or we feel so) that we need to be more cautious than ever!

Technology has taken over humans in a way that is shocking and mind-boggling. The internet then came into play and took over people’s lives in unimaginable ways. What is really freaky is how the young don’t know the difference between the real and virtual, usually thinking that they mean the same. The erosion of the real world is something that must really be the concern of our times.

Language has gone for a toss, boss!

The first thing that bothers us a lot is the language of the digital natives. The general internet culture has also had its effect on the English language, which breaks our heart. Social media has the effect of dumbing down people. We have heard instances where people have lost the art of talking and more so, talking elaborately and eloquently. oh the charm of writing and receiving letters!

The conversations online are really scarring, to say the least. There seems to be no such thing vowels in words. They are left upon the reader of the text to add them wherever required. So words like ‘text’ become ‘txt’ and ‘road become ‘rd’. This is just the beginning. Another thing that is amusing is how numbers become a smaller part of a bigger word. So forward becomes 4wrd and great becomes gr8

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