Social Media Censor Twitter Facebook Image Credit: Technowize
Social Media Censor Twitter Facebook Image Credit: Technowize

The Age Of Uncensored Social Media

Whoever controls social media, controls the world. In the 21st century cultural landscape, social-media-follower counts far exceed tabloid’s paid circulation. Official announcements or statements are sent to PR companies and major media outlets anymore, they’re directly published by uploading a screenshot to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For better or worse, whoever seems to have figured it out has the power to change the world.

The Arab Spring is one of the best-known examples of how we can use social media to do some good to the world. Take a look at social justice warriors: photos and videos shared on social media has the potential to be used as evidence of human rights violations and wartime atrocities. Social media has the power to bring together like-minded people who’re fighting an enormous challenge, such as war in the Middle East or climate change. Today, social media has become an important platform for providing an ink and a paper to people who want to participate equally as influential leaders to bring good change to the planet. It has also changed the way we connect to local challenges as well as the way we look at enormous narratives that will affect us as a global community.

Back in 2010, a tech nonprofit called Majal launched crowdVoice. Org, a platform that utilizes crowdsourcing and crowd-verification to archive and preserve content create by social movements. The project has since grown, now including unique features such as timelines and infographics. Media outlets like Al Jazeera, The guardian, and UN News center have showcased evidence of abuse gathered by crowdvoice to show a wide range of issues, from the abuse of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia to the conflict in war zones like Syria. The platform has now been censored in Yemen and Bahrain after activists in both the countries began collecting evidence of abuses inflicted by these governments.

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