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The Future Code Image Credit: Yo Vizag
The Future Code Image Credit: Yo Vizag

The Future Code

Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, JA Chowdary I.A.S., attended the Digital Education Summit, held by APITA (Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy). Speaking about the need for an educational transformation, here are the highlights of his conversation with Jaya Siva Murty.

Disruptive in 2018

“This is a year of transition and technological disruption. Technologies are all set to change the way we work in various areas, as diverse as agriculture, healthcare or even real time governance. Digitisation has led to many jobs turning redundant, and some jobs won’t be there in the future because of this. New jobs, hitherto unheard of, will come up. This is a defining year, where we will do something new and innovative.”

Today’s Pre-requisite

“Education has to evolve and students need to keep the future relevance of what they’re studying in mind. They will only be able to survive in the active job market, if they adapt new skill-sets and education. Educational institutions and digital education experts should impart more knowhow. We need to prepare if we don’t want to be hit negatively by this.”

Action Point Vizag

“Vizag used to be a sleepy city, and in the past it was tough to get people here. However today, it is ready to embrace the wave of technology, and become a valley to reckon with, along the lines of Silicon Valley. The positioning will mark the city as a promising global Fintech destination. To achieve this, competitions are being run across places like London, Singapore, New York, and Tel Aviv. The shortlisted companies will come in September for a demonstration, which will be part of the flagship

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