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Inspiring Through Stories Image Credit: Yo Vizag
Inspiring Through Stories Image Credit: Yo Vizag

Inspiring Through Stories

Noted as the third best LinkedIn influencer and author of the book ‘Cut the crap and jargon’, Shradha Sharma is also a recipient of many awards. The Founder and Chief Editor of YourStory, was in town for the Digital Education Summit. Yo! Vizag brings an exclusive interview.


Born and brought up in a small town in Bihar, society presented the most common stigma to her parents, especially her mother, with regards to having four daughters. This inculcated in Shardha the hard core resolution of never to be a “burden” or liability on anyone. And this is a mantra she follows till date.


Graduating from some of the best colleges in the country, Shradha Sharma, broke social prejudices and went on to work at Times of India and CNBC Mumbai. Here she came across many untold stories which are epitomes of inspiration in themselves. When the channel turned down the idea of doing a series of such success stories. Shradha went ahead and started YourStory in 2008 online. She bootstrapped for the first eight years, finally raising external venture capital in 2015. Today, YourStory has a database of over 70,000 stories, a 100 member strong team, is available in 11 local languages and reaches millions of readers.


Having overcome many difficulties to reach where she stands today, she shares that each of them made her stronger. A society that looks down upon women, made her strive to be the best. Lack of funds pushed her to make her business model a profitable one. She also faced personal loss, when her greatest supporter, her mother, passed away in 2010. “The person I was doing this for wasn’t there b

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