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Job Career Ghosting Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Job Career Ghosting Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Have You Been Job Ghosted?

It used to just haunt our dating lives but now ghosting is something employers do, too. Here’s how to deal with it…

Caitlin Carlson


Yes, there are the potential CV errors (spelling mistakes, poor grammar, including a photo when it wasn’t requested), but if you’ve checked through your application with a hawk eye and you’ve still heard nothing, it could be down to sheer volume. “The reality is that, on average, companies receive 250 applications per job advert – far more than an HR manager could possibly review by hand,” explains Amanda Augustine, a career advice expert at TopCV – the world’s largest CV writing service. “Which is why nearly all large organizations use software known as an applicant tracking system (ATS) to scan CVs and eliminate the least-qualified candidates for a role.” Leaving it to the robots, however, can result in up to 75% of CVs being rejected before a recruiter even sees them. Yikes. So if your CV isn’t written with this electronic net in mind, the chances of your application being binned – regardless of your suitability for the role – is painfully high.


Beat those bots by gathering three to five job adverts similar to the role you’ve applied for and identify the keywords that repeatedly appear. Incorporate the terms two to three times throughout your CV, particularly in the “key skills” and “work history” sections. If you’ve already applied, do some sle

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